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User: hentaihime (posted by la_vamp)
Date: 2007-06-17 23:19
Subject: Karen
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Tags:group sex, het, karen, reviews, toys, yuri
Title: Karen
Genre: School, Sports, Blackmail
Episodes: 1
The Guys: Dojima
The Gals: Karen, Ryo
Fetishes: Het, Yuri, Toys, Group Sex
Rating: 6

Summary: Karen, the male cheer leading captain, is always on top of her game. She's one tough cookie to crack, and is constantly pushing the team to it's limits. The entire squad, however, is fed up with Karen's tough attitude, and unless she obliges to their "requests", the entire squad will quit on her.


I remember this being better the first time I watch this some four years ago, but I digress. The plot of this title isn't that difficult to follow. It's your typical blackmail hentai. Basically, Dojima and the rest of the squad threaten to quit the team unless Karen becomes their personal sex toy. For the most part, Karen is forced into sexual situations with her fellow squad member Dojima, but also takes part in sexual acts with other squads as well.

The hentai scenes aren't particularly original, but most of them aren't that shabby either. The art and animation aren't the best, but it's nothing too distracting. The cast is somewhat likable, but nothing that special either. Basically, Karen is an alright title if you're looking for a quick hentai fix. Don't expect anything too groundbreaking though.
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